An overview of the ACNN

Our Mission

To bring together the unique resources of multiple stakeholders within Niassa, in order to forge a common purpose that will set an example of sustainability through collaboration. As part of Mozambique's nation building process, the ACNN will unite those that are motivated to create models of social, economic and natural prosperity; combining innovation and influence to develop sustainable land-use initiatives that can be replicated throughout this region of global environmental significance.

Outcomes of the ACNN

To help implement strategic interventions to introduce sustainable management of the area’s resources to all stakeholders; driving growth of the local economy whilst preserving the environment.

  • Improved knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices, leading to increased yields for local communities, poverty alleviation, food security and a growing economy.
  • Halting the rapid and devastating pattern of permanent deforestation advancing through Niassa province.
  • The preservation of large tracts of managed miombo woodlands that maintain species diversity and populations.
  • The creation of a habitat buffer zone to protect the Niassa Reserve’s western border from pressure by surrounding communities.
  • The implementation of a strategic plan to manage natural and plantation forests, locking in long-lasting value through a wide range of sustainable economic activity.
  • Rua do Aeroporto, Lichinga, Niassa, Mozambique
  • +258 82 67 18 540 I +258 86 19 28 332
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